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Eliminate and permanently delete a Smartick account
Eliminate and permanently delete a Smartick account

Instructions and implications of permanently deleting an account and all personal data stored in Smartick.

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If, for any reason, a user decides to permanently delete their account and all the personal data we have stored in Smartick, they have the right to do so.

If you have downloaded our app, it is important to review the developer's data to verify that you are using the correct app. The app is“Smartick Kids Learn Math”.

In this article, we explain the implications of permanently deleting an account and the necessary steps to follow.


This action is irreversible, an account cannot be recovered once deleted.

From the Parent Page, users can permanently delete all the data associated with their account. This means that all the information we have saved to date as well as all access will be completely deleted:

  • Access to the program or programs of all students associated with the account.

  • Client area access, where curricular (students progress) and administrative (subscriptions) information is stored.

  • Information about payment methods associated with the account (credit card, Paypal, bank transfer, etc.).


  • All personal data provided by the user will be deleted: name, email, password, date of birth, telephone number, payment information.

  • If there is an active subscription it will be interrupted immediately and, as such, the user will not be able to enjoy the rest of the subscription period.

  • Payments cannot be displayed, reviewed, or verified.

  • No refunds will be generated.

  • We will be unable to recover information about the student's progress in the different programs under any circumstance.

  • The information shared with the support team cannot be reviewed.

After deleting the account, if the user wants to return to Smartick, they would have to register once again.

How to permanently delete an account:

  1. Login with the email and password registered to access the Parents Page.

  2. Under Advanced Settings, click: Permanently Delete My Account.

Warning 1: A warning message will appear stating that this process is irreversible. A verification email will then be sent:

Warning 2: You will receive a second warning along with an explanation of the implications of deleting the account.

Finally, access your email, and in the email received, click the button that will confirm the action: "Permanently delete my account"

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