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How can we follow a good routine?
How can we follow a good routine?

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Smartick is designed to make your routine as easy as possible with 15-minute daily sessions that children do on their own. But miracles don't just happen. It is also a question of priorities and involvement. Children are children, and acquiring a routine is achieved when parents actively collaborate with Smartick. 

Here are some tips to help you create a daily routine:

  • In the morning: If your child does not like to sleep in, or it doesn't take much for them to get up, try Smartick in the morning. They'll be well-rested, focused, and find it easier to concentrate.

  • In the afternoon: The best time to do Smartick is after a bit of rest and a snack. Additionally, if you leave something to the end of the day and have a lot to do, it's possible that you'll be exhausted and not feel motivated to do it. The best formula is: 15 minutes of Smartick + homework + 15 minutes of games in the Virtual World (the reward for all their effort).

  • Value their independence: Emphasizing how proud you are that they can stay concentrated and complete the task on their own is the best incentive.

  • Participate with Smartick: Every so often, program an incentive for your child from the Parent Page and let them know that you read their session results and review their exercises, whether right or wrong. 

  • Mention that you speak to our Pedagogical Support Team: Call or write to our team and let us know how everything is going. Children are shocked when they find out that people are behind the platform. 

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