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Can I use Smartick on my phone?
Can I use Smartick on my phone?

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We do not recommend using phones to work on Smartick for the following reasons: 

  1. The screen is too small and can generate issues when entering the solution, negatively impacting a student's session results. 

  2. Using a computer or a tablet can help establish a structured routine. In addition, this can help reduce the dependence of children borrowing a parent's phone. 

  3. Smartick sessions should not be confused with a game. We want students to complete their sessions completely concentrated and to the best of their ability, placing the same importance on Smartick as they do with homework. Children do not complete their homework on phones and the same goes for Smartick. 

We recommend completing Smartick through a computer (Windows, Linux, or Mac) or through Android or iOS tablets. 

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