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How does Smartick work?
How does Smartick work?

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Start with registration...

First, you register to try our method during a free trial. Remember that you can register as many children as you want with one account. 

Each child needs their own username because we design an individual study plan according to their math skills and learning pace.

IMPORTANT: make sure that the information provided for each child is accurate. These details are key to determining the starting point of the initial level assessment, which evaluates the knowledge of each child. 

...then onto a session...

Ideally, 15 minutes a day. A short amount of time, designed to train their attention and make it easy to fit into a routine. At Smartick, training mathematics daily is part of our method. 

First, we give an initial level assessment.  This can last for several sessions in order to identify which areas are not mastered and design a personalized study plan for each child. 

Smartick's artificial intelligence goes further and in addition to knowing the maximum capacity of each child, it is able to adapt the content, in real-time, allowing students to advance at their own pace, stay motivated, and give it their all. Smartick can be beneficial no matter the profile, whether the student wants to expand their knowledge, needs reinforcement, or has an educational need like ADHD, dyscalculia, gifted, etc. 

The Virtual World

At the end of the 15 minutes, if the child wants to, they can access the Virtual World. A playful space created as positive reinforcement where they can personalize their own avatar, participate in mathematics competitions, and train their memory, attention, and reasoning.  

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