In addition to valuing their learning and consistency in Smartick, you can support them through a resource available on your Parent Page.

This is the Motivation section and in it you will see an option called 'Personalized Messages', here's how you can use it: 

  1. Rewards: Program challenges related to consistency (number of sessions) and results (number of ticks). Personalize the reward, for example, If you complete 8 sessions before July 15th we will bake a cake together.
  2. Messages: You can write personalized message to moivate your student and decide when they will see them. Example - You're learning so much! Keep up the good work!

If at any time your child needs extra motivation, you can contact us. Our Pedagogical and Customer Support Teams have tools they can use to help encourage your student to work on their sessions consistently. We can change study plans, send messages, Virtual World gifts, etc.

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