The Parent Page is your personal space to monitor your child's progress and manage your subscriptions.

You can access the Parent Page with the email and password you used to register. Once inside, your page is organized as follows:

As a parent:

  • My Account: The status of your students' sessions and notifications.
  • Profile: Information about your account and our referral system.
  • Notifications: Email preferences from Smartick and absence authorizations for your students.
  • Subscriptions: Your subscription status, subsequent subscriptions, and the ability to modify subscriptions. 
  • Payments: Payment history and payment method.
  • Tutorials: All of the tutorials we have to offer in the Smartick curriculum and a description of each.

For each student:

  • Sessions: Results of your student's daily session and their exercises in full detail. 
  • Progress: A detailed outline as to how your study is progressing through their study plan.
  • Motivation: The ability to program messages or rewards for your student, a summary of the diplomas and ticks earned, and messages sent to the well.
  • Profile: A summary of your student's personal information and the ability to add a second tutor.

We recommend that you visit your Parent Page frequently, as well as reading your daily email reports. 


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