The differences between Smartick and other methods are substantial, both in methodology and the effectiveness of learning strategy. Here are some of our key differences:

  1. Cutting-edge artificial intelligence: Smartick is designed to adapt to each student's math level and learning pace. The exercises are generated in real time according to a series of variables that are constantly analyzed. We provide automatic feedback with the solution to the exercise, allowing students to learn from their mistake and apply their learning to the next exercise.
  2. Interactive tutorials: Each student has a number of interactive tutorials available where they can learn and practice new concepts. With modern-day methods, especially paper-based ones, this assistance doesn't exist.
  3. Learning effectiveness: Smartick's unique technology permits students to reach their maximum capacity of learning as effectively as possible. We don't want students to waste their time with exercises that they've already mastered. Our AI is able to clearly identify areas of weakness and propose appropriate concepts, whereas paper-based methods are not able to provide this real-time adaptability.  
  4. Scientific and innovative content: Smartick does not offer pre-loaded exercises or workbooks with a fixed sequence determined for all students. Our experts have designed and expanded our curriculum with a scientific approach, taking the best math methodologies and resources as reference. 
  5. Logic and word problems: We at Smartick believe it is essential that each child learns how to think. Smartick provides reasoning and logic beyond automated calculation to help develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Current paper-based methods are almost entirely oriented only to mental calculation.
  6. Parent convenience: Parents don't have to spend time correcting their child's exercises. Instead, the Smartick platform does this automatically. In addition, you receive your child's session results instantly through email and can consult your child's progress and details about their sessions on the Parent Page. You can also contact the Smartick Pedagogical Team, by telephone, email, or chat, about this information as well.
  7. Price: Private tutoring and attending learning centers can cost upwards of 100  dollars a month. With Smartick, you can save over a thousand dollars a year while still receiving a personalized learning experience. 
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