The first thing you should know is that Smartick offers a trial completely free of charge and without any required commitment to continue after (we don't ask for any credit card information upon registration 😉).

We encourage you to sign up and see how Smartick can benefit your family!

In order to do so, you simply need to go to our website and click on Start Your Free Trial.

The first thing we ask for is your email address. It's important that it's an email that you use regularly (and that it's written correctly), as it's not only where you'll receive your child's session results, but also your username for your Parent Page. We then ask for your name, telephone number (optional), and your preferred password.

Once you have completed your registration, you can then register as many children as you would like to your account.

We will then ask their name, date of birth, and if they have any Special Education Needs.

IMPORTANT: It's imperative that this information is accurate to your child, as it will be the starting point for their level assessment and help us to design their personalized Study Plan.

We will then ask for a username for your student. Try your best to choose an original username, as we have many students already registered with Smartick and many common usernames have been taken. For example, you could choose something like their name and date of birth, or a nickname plus their favorite number, or their initials and year of birth. You truly have thousands of options! Finally, generate a password for your student.

There, you can either finish the registration process or add another student. Simply choose whichever option you prefer:

That's it! Now your student can begin their first session:

And you can access your Parent Page:

Remember that you can always contact our Pedagogical Support Team if you have any questions.

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