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What should I do if my child's sessions are too easy or too difficult?
What should I do if my child's sessions are too easy or too difficult?

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In Smartick, we need time to study our students to best understand their strengths and the areas in which they need to work. The perception that the sessions are too easy is common in children who have not performed to the best of their abilties on their initial level assessments (generally due to lack of familiarity with the platform or fluency with the handling of the keyboard and mouse). However, within a few weeks of consistent work, the platform will be able to adjust to their true level.

When the sessions are too challenging:

Smartick's curriculum is designed in an intelligent way to ensure that children progress gradually. If they receive help from outside sources, this can distort the information that the AI collects and ultimately create sessions that are too difficult for the student to complete independently.

When sessions are too easy:

In Smartick, we must assure that children completely master the exercises they are presented with before moving them onto more complex concepts. It is very important that students answer the exercise presented to them, albeit simple, both quickly and accurately so that the system registers that they demonstrated mastery. If not, they will continue to be presented with simple exercises.

You are always welcome to contact us by email at [email protected] to explain your situation and see if there are any curricular changes that must be made for you.

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