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What do children work on with Smartick?
What do children work on with Smartick?

Math, Logic, Reasoning, Coding, Reading Comprehension

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At Smartick, we believe in the importance of preparing children for their future which demands critical thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. We want our children to learn how to think. For this reason, Smartick goes beyond mental calculation. 

Children learn arithmetic, which is necessary to acquire a solid numerical sense and mental calculation. They improve their reasoning and develop problem-solving skills by working on logic and word problems, all while reinforcing their reading comprehension. 

We have also designed the following sessions: 

  • Logic: With minimal calculation involved, children work on logic through verbal and visual reasoning through cryptograms, riddles, and puzzles. 

  • Coding: Students learn how to code with the help of a specially designed virtual robot and develop computational thinking from the ground up.

  • Review: This allows students to practice the skills they have previously worked on where they had challenges and can earn diplomas based on their results. 

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