According to research, 15 minutes is the maximum attention span for children in the Smartick target age group. We believe daily 15-minute sessions are ideal to improve math skills and keep students motivated to work to the best of their abilities. They are also easier to incorporate into daily routines, encouraging students to work on Smartick each day. 

Students cannot perform more than one 15-minute session a day because the results of all succeeding sessions after the first would not represent their true ability. If they were to perform poorly in their following sessions due to a decrease in effort and focus, this would distort the information we collect and place them in an inappropriate level as Smartick adapts to each child’s individual needs in real time. 

After the day's session has been completed, students can continue working in the Virtual World, wherein they can play a number of educational games meant to stimulate basic cognitive skills, challenge other students of the same Smartick level in competitions, and watch interactive tutorials on different concepts. The Virtual World not only serves as positive reinforcement by rewarding their daily efforts with their Smartick sessions, but also as a more light-hearted way for students to stay engaged and keep developing their math skills.

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