Smartick sessions have a net duration of 15 minutes of work.

If the student closes a session before the end of the established working time, they must access the platform again to finish it. For example, if the student has completed 10 minutes of a session and closes it, they must log in again on the same day in order to finish the last 5 minutes.

The session is only officially completed when the bell rings and the results screen appears. Otherwise, the session will be classified as incomplete, and the tutor will receive a notification. 

If students do not finish their session, their ticks will not accumulate, and they will not be able to access the Virtual World. 

It’s essential that our students finish all their sessions. You can read about the reasons why we consider working for 15 minutes a day is key to learning and improving concentration in the following article: Why just 15 minutes a day?

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