On the Tutor Page, you can see, for each student you have associated with your tutor account, the following information: 

  • Performance: Facilitates visualization of the progress that the student has made in each session at a glance. More detailed information about sessions is available by choosing the day of the session in the calendar that appears to the right and selecting "View complete session". You will be redirected to a new window, where you can monitor and review the exercises that the student completed on that particular day. Other general information that appears in the Performance tab is overall performance, average effectiveness, and attendance. 
  • Progress: Allows you to view the percentage of the Smartick curriculum completed so far. You can break down this percentage by content such as Arithmetic, Logic, Problems, and Games, alongside their main units in the "Progress Details" section.
  • Incentives: The incentives are a tool that allow you as a tutor to choose something (a reward) that will motivate your student (go to the cinema, make a cake together, a day out, etc.). In short, something you know they will really enjoy. 
  • Tutorials: You can view the tutorials that your student has watched, whether in the Virtual World or at the start of a session when beginning to work on a new concept.
  • Student Profile: This last tab allows you to manage your student’s personal data, turn off notifications on the days that the student can’t perform a session, view your payment history and manage your subscriptions, as well as add secondary tutors in case you would like another person to review your student's progress. 

We recommend that tutors access the Tutor Page a couple of times a week, so they can follow the progress of their students in detail. 

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