Special Smartick sessions appear in blue, and there are four types:

Entry Test "ET"/Level Assessment: When a student logs in to Smartick for the first time, they perform a level test which evaluates their mathematical ability from the bottom up. It detects what the student needs and once the current level of competency is identified, it generates a study plan exclusive to the student, in order to address the needs it has detected. 

Progress Test "PT": When the platform detects that a student has been solving problems quickly and with a very high effectiveness rate, it recognizes these as indicators that the problems are too easy. Therefore, it proposes what we call a “fast forward” session, which helps the platform adapt more quickly to the student’s level. During these sessions, the student can work at various levels of difficulty within the same unit. 

Review Session "Exam": When the student reaches a series of ticks obtained during their sessions, a review session (exam) is proposed. The problems that are presented are mistakes made during normal math sessions. Each time a student passes an exam, they are awarded a diploma. Depending on the results, students can earn different types of mention: bronze, silver, gold, or diamond. They can also review any diplomas they have earned in the Virtual World.

Logic "L": These are proposed every “x” normal math sessions, as the student's results determine the frequency. They are designed to develop reasoning and problem-solving skills in different situations; abilities they don’t develop through the mechanical method of solving mathematical problems.

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