The competitions consist of challenging other children that use Smartick. They are designed to encourage a passion for math and the ability to excel.

They are fair competitions and “opponents” are chosen by taking into account the level they are working at in Smartick and the age of the student, in order to ensure the challenge is enjoyable for both children. 

To encourage students to compete, we offer two types of rewards:

Ranking: The more competitions students compete in and the better they do, they more points they win. These points are used to create a ranking system.

Prizes: Students can win extra ticks. 

Prizes are earned when students reach the targets over a pre-determined length of time:

  • TOP 3: Finish the week in the top 3 and you will win 20 ticks.
  • Hundred-Points: If you earn 100 points during the week, you will win 5 ticks.
  • Prize winner: If you win at least 3 competitions during the week, you will win 15 ticks.
  • Complete week: If you finish at least 5 competitions during the week, you will win 10 ticks. 
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