Our students can do the following in the Virtual World:

Buy things at the Virtual Shop: The shop is a building at the bottom right of the screen with a star on top of it. If they select it, your student’s avatar will enter and will be able to buy whatever they like with the ticks they have. They can also give gifts to their Marwick friends.

Change avatars: The avatar is located at the bottom left of the screen. Students can personalise it by clicking on it.

Play virtual games: Games can be accessed from the bedroom by selected the computer. There are 4 types of games: Memory, Attention, Perception, and Reasoning. 

There are various games to choose from within each category. Besides serving as positive reinforcement and entertainment for students, they help develop basic cognitive skills. Therefore, we recommend that students spend some time playing them after their sessions. 

Take part in competitions: The competitions can be accessed by selecting the table tennis table in the gym. Students can accept or send invitations to compete. Marwick is designed so that students compete with others of a similar "level". 

Invite friends: Students can find a friend in Marwick by using the button on the message board in the “Smart Club” tree house. It’s best to use Marwick usernames to find friends. 

Make wishes: It costs one tick to send suggestions to our Pedagogical Team via the well.

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