You have the following information available to you in this tab: 

Student’s personal details: In this section, you can review and edit the information we have saved for each of your students. For example, if the student learns to read, you can change the option "Able to read". You can also change the language that your student performs their sessions in. 

Notifications: As a tutor, you can change your notification preferences. You have the option to turn them off during any period you specify. 

Payments: This section allows you to view your payment settings for each student, change your method of payment (card/PayPal) and the type of subscription that you want to renew, and review your payment history. You can also send cancellation requests. 

Secondary Tutors: This option allows multiple tutors to supervise each student’s progress. Secondary tutors are normally parents, teachers, grandparents, etc. 

The principal tutor can see these 4 sections, while secondary tutors can only access the Notifications tab and remove themselves as a secondary tutor. 

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