In this tab you can get an overall view of how yours student’s performance in Smartick. It shows the following information: 

  • Daily calendar: You can see if your student has performed their session, if they have started their session, or if they are yet to start. You can read more about how to review a session here: Where can I review a session? 
  • Monthly calendar: Thanks to the legend available, you can see at a glance what type of session your student has worked on each day and the result. You can read more about special sessions here: What are special sessions?
  • Overall progress: Measures student performance, combining effectiveness and speed. 
  • Speed: Measures the student’s response speed to the exercises proposed over the last 20 sessions. 
  • Average effectiveness: Measures the percentage of problems answered correctly. 
  • Attendance: Percentage of the last 20 sessions completed by the student out of sessions planned. 
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