Rewards: Tutors can schedule incentives for their students, which they can read before they start their session. More information about how to create incentives can be found here: How can I schedule a reward for my student?

Room: Allows you to see the items your student has in their room, as well as the welcome message they have written to greet their Smartick friends. It provides a way to monitor their daily activity in Smartick without having to log in to the Virtual World. 

Diplomas: Here you can view any and all diplomas that your student has earned in Smartick. If you click on a diploma, you can download it and print it to hang on the wall. 

Ticks: You can see the ticks that your student currently has, as well as a summary of all the ticks earned and what they have been spent on (pets, costumes, gifts for Smartick friends, Well suggestions, etc.)

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