Performing a Smartick session every day of the year is key to obtaining optimal results. Equally, the method loses its effectiveness if it is used for less than a reasonable number of days each week. 

You can “Turn off notifications” on the days that your student cannot perform their session. This will authorize their absence and avoid any negative changes to their overall attendance percentage and any streaks of ticks the student might be on. 

Perform the following steps to "Turn off notifications":

  • Log in to your Tutor Page. (If you have forgotten your password, you can request a reminder here: Forgot password?
  • Go to the "Student Profile" tab and then "Notifications".
  • Enter the dates that your student will not be able to perform their Smartick session.

This option does not affect the duration of your subscription, and does not affect your student’s ability to perform the session if circumstances change and they are able to log in to Smartick. 

Remember that the success of the Smartick method depends on continuity and study habits. We recommend that you monitor your student’s holidays to ensure they are proportionate.

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