To recommend Smartick to another person and receive a discount, log in to your Tutor Page with your email address and password.

By clicking the link “Recommend a friend, XXX gift”, you can choose to:

  • Share Smartick on your social networks (Facebook or Twitter).
  • Copy the link that appears below to send it to anyone you like via email or Whatsapp.

By doing this, when your friends register for Smartick through the link you have shared, your profiles will be linked so that:

  • You receive a XXX discount on your next payment.
  • Your “recommendation” will receive a 25% discount on their first subscription for each of their students.

If any of your recommendations fail to register through your link, you can call us and provide us with the email addresses you have registered with in order to receive your discounts. 

Thank you for recommending us!

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