Competitions are contested between Smartick students, as we believe it is more motivating than competing against a computer. It also gives a reality to the Virtual World that otherwise would not be included.

When creating a competition, the avatars that appear are children that are working at a similar level to the student; they have completed the same percentage of the curriculum.

We also include some tools to provide positive reinforcement, for example their ELO summary (indicates the student’s position in relation to others), and the prizes they can win (ticks).

We believe that these elements greatly encourage our students to practice arithmetic exercises and geometry in an accessible and fun manner.

Once they have started a competition, the student must wait for one of their opponents to accept their challenge. The competitions remain open for up to five days while waiting for the opponent to respond. If this time limit expires, the competition is automatically cancelled and the student can start a new one. 

Each student can have 5 open competitions at a time, and once they finish one they can start another. They can win a maximum of 3 ticks per competition. The more they compete and the better they do, the quicker they progress and improve their ELO.

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