Students can earn ticks from their daily sessions, as well as by joining competitions in the Virtual World. 

The number of ticks a student earns within a session is based on their performance, taking speed and effectiveness into account. Students are additionally rewarded for their consistency in the following manner:

  • 3 ticks for every 3 consecutive sessions
  • 5 ticks for every completed week 
  • 1 tick for each time the bar of extra ticks is filled
  • 1 tick for completing a session without making a mistake 
  • 1 tick for correcting all mistakes in a session 
  • 10 ticks for birthdays

Students can also win prizes from joining competitions when they achieve the following: 

  • 20 ticks for finishing the week in the top 3 of the competition rankings
  • 5 ticks for earning 100 points during the week
  • 15 ticks for winning at least 3 competitions during the week
  • 10 ticks for finishing a minimum of 5 competitions during the week
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