Since Smartick is an adaptive method, any external help may distort the information we collect and place students at an inappropriate level. Thus, we strongly recommend that your children perform their sessions completely on their own.

However, although we encourage independent learning amongst our students, we also want to highlight the importance of parental involvement. We recommend that our parents review their children's sessions with them, especially the problems they answered incorrectly, on the Parent Page. We also recommend that our parents read the emailed session summaries and notifications we send daily. 

When reviewing your children's sessions with them, you may use the learning resources we offer to help them understand the exercises. The interactive tutorials are available in both the student's Virtual World and the Parent Page. There is also the Smartick blog, which provides informative posts on different concepts, units, and exercises. 

If your children have been receiving help and their sessions have become too difficult, please contact our Customer Care team so that we can reassess your children's math level and make the necessary changes. 

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