We want the implementation of our method into your daily routine to be as smooth and easy as possible. We can recommend the following guidelines to get the most out of the method: 

  1. Don't help your child work through the problems. If students receive external help, the information Smartick analyzes will be biased and distort the level. Let them work on their session independently. 
  2. Work on accepting mistakes or improve their frustration tolerance. Smartick is not a game and it is not always fun. Our goal is to ensure students learn. It is possible that students may not always have a great session, whether they don't get the results they want because they are too slow, or don't earn enough ticks. Motivate them and value their effort. Highlight the importance of working on their sessions to the best of their ability, and making mistakes is part of the learning process. 
  3. Utilize the various resources available in your Parent Page. This can be a powerful tool during your family's Smartick experience. You can write personal messages or create specific challenges and rewards for your child, all of which will appear in the beginning of their session. This can help reinforce your daily efforts to have them work on their session but also provide additional motivation. 
  4. Turn to our Pedagogical Team. If you are having any doubt regarding your child's sessions or progress, you can reach out for advice and clarification You can reach us directly at hello@smartickmethod.com
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