To start learning with Smartick, you must register here (we offer a free 15-day trial). You can register as many students you would like. 

Each child must have their own account associated with a specific username and password you create. Smartick designs an exclusive study plan for each child according to their math level. How do we do this? 

Our cutting-edge artificial intelligence allows us to adapt to each individual, regardless of their specific learning profile. The method is suitable for students of all levels and profiles, whether they struggle or excel in math. Children with special educational needs like ADHD, dyscalculia, gifted, talented, etc. All students can learn with Smartick.

It's fundamental that all the information provided during registration is correct and up to date. The information you provide allows us to create a starting point for their initial level assessment, permitting us to evaluate each student's knowledge when they first start with Smartick. 

However, our artificial intelligence goes above and beyond, having the ability to adapt the content to each student in real time, allowing students to progress according to their own pace, increasing their motivation. 

Smartick consists of daily 15-minute sessions, where they work on dynamic exercises. This short but effective time frame gives students the opportunity to train their attention and gradually implement Smartick into their daily routine. Working on mathematics daily is a pillar of the Smartick method.  

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