One tool you have available to you is the rewards system. If you log in to your Tutor Page you will see a tab named "Rewards," if you enter and click "Add new reward", you can schedule one. For example: if you earn 12 ticks this week, we will go to the cinema this weekend - or anything else that you know your student will like.

You can add anything you like. Incentives don’t necessarily have to be material, but something you know will encourage your student. You can start with weekly objectives and gradually increase, or improve, them over time, for example scheduling them every two weeks or monthly.

Other examples of incentives related to Smartick sessions:

If you only make 10 mistakes in 5 Smartick sessions, you can...

If you complete 5 satisfactory sessions you can...

In these cases, earning ticks is not mandatory. If it is, it is also necessary to program a number of ticks required.

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