The Parent Page is a tool specifically designed for you to view your child's progress in full detail, adjust settings, organize schedules, manage payments, and monitor their Virtual World activity - among other things.

You can access the Parent Page using the email and password you registered with. The page is organized accordingly: 

Parent Profile:

  • My Account: a summary of your student's sessions, notices, and recommendation system. 
  • Profile: change account settings, update personal data, and validate a promotional code.
  • Notifications: change notification settings and authorize student absences 
  • Subscriptions: manage subscriptions (cancellation and renewal), view payment schedule, and check available referral discounts
  • Payment: change payment method, review payment history, and download receipts 

Student Profile:

  • Sessions: review the student's sessions and results in full detail 
  • Progress: review the student's progress by concept, unit, and level based on the Smartick Curriculum
  • Motivation: personalize motivational messages and rewards for the student, review diplomas earned, and monitor Virtual World activity (ticks earned and spent, Smartick Well messages) 
  • Tutorials: check which tutorials the student has worked on
  • Student Profile: modify student's account settings update student's personal data, and add a secondary tutor 

In addition to the session summary emails we send daily, we recommend visiting your Parent Page frequently as well. 

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