There is no direct relation between Smartick's content and school content.

Schools are governed by an official curriculum which is set by the education board of each state or country. They set the contents for all students and the curriculum is the same for everyone.

Although initially taken into consideration when joining the program to set their initial level assessment, Smartick does not focus on a child's age or grade as we focus on their abilities and learning pace. The child determines the pace and content they need to work on based on their performance throughout the sessions. 

You can expect to see the following content during your child's time with Smartick:

  • Same contents as in school.
  • Future content: concepts that have not been presented in school, because it is predetermined, but that they have the ability to do.
  • Past content: content that they have seen in school but still have not mastered. 

Our Pedagogical Team can make curricular changes in exceptional cases. However, we can’t completely remove certain content or replicate the student's school curriculum as this would contradict our methodology and, above all, leave certain math concepts unconsolidated.

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