Smartick needs some time to “study” the student and understand their patterns of behavior, gaps in knowledge, and areas in which they have to improve. The initial impression that it is too easy, is common amongst some children who have not performed to their full ability during the level test (due to lack of familiarity with the platform or handling the keyboard and mouse), however after a few weeks, the platform will analyze their results and adjust to their real level. 

 If they are too difficult:

The Smartick curriculum is sequenced so that the student progresses naturally. If a student receives external help, the system collects skewed data, which does not show their true ability. This can result in the student being placed at a level that does not correspond to their ability, often more complex, meaning they find it more and more difficult to perform each session on their own. If the exercises are too difficult for the student, it is better for them to click “I don’t know” (when this option appears) or not respond, instead of receiving help from parents or teachers.

If they are too easy:

Smartick needs to know that the student masters the exercises that they are working on in order to advance in the curriculum. It is important for the student to understand that if they get very simple exercises they must respond to the best of their ability (even if it seems as if they are not appropriate to their age). If they do not, the system will understand that the student has not mastered the concept and will continue proposing those exercises.

In any case, you can contact us at to discuss the situation and allow us to make the relevant changes.

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