Start by registering:

  1. Enter our web page
  2. Click Try it for free!
  3. Add your details (parent or teacher) 
  4. Create the child's profile  

Remember, you can register as many children as you'd like under one email address. 

Each child needs their username because we design an individual study plan according to their math level, abilities, and learning pace. 

IMPORTANT: make sure that the information given for each child is correct. These details are key to determining the starting point of the initial level assessment, which evaluates the knowledge of each child. 

Once registered, your child can work on their first Smartick session, through a computer (we recommend using Google Chrome) or a tablet (download the Smartick app for iOS or Android).  

During the free trial, you can see how Smartick works, starting a routine, and getting in contact with our Customer Support and Pedagogical teams. For parents, we recommend reading our emails and exploring your Parent Page

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