What is Smartick?
Smartick is an adaptive online method for children ages 4 to 14, to learn and master mathematics from home for only 15 minutes a day.

To use Smartick, you only need a computer or tablet with an internet connection. 

Best of all, children don't need parents' help. Smartick believes that children should work on their session independently, without depending on adults. This leaves parents with an extra 15-minutes of free time during their day!

How does Smartick work?

Every day, Smartick presents each child with a personalized 15-minute session. Fifteen minutes is all they need to dominate mathematics, improve mental agility, concentration, study habits, and reading comprehension. 

When a child finishes each exercise, Smartick shows them the solution and, if they have made a mistake, explains how to achieve the correct result. They are able to improve each day by understanding their mistakes and correcting them.

But children don't just work on arithmetic, they also work on coding, logic, and problem solving

Smartick incorporates artificial intelligence into the method in order to get the most from each student, designing a personalized session, adapted to their level of knowledge and mathematical ability. With Smartick, each student advances at their own pace, following their abilities, without frustration.

Smartick thinks about all types of children, those that need extra help with mathematics as well as those doing well and want to improve. We also focus on students with diverse education needs like ADHD, dyscalculia, gifted, etc.

Thousands of children in over 100 countries benefit from Smartick daily. 

Don't wait any longer. The sooner you start with Smartick, the sooner you'll see your children improve!

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