In Smartick, we recommend avoiding the use of paper and a pencil to complete exercises. If children complete exercises this way, their agility and mental calculation will not be exercised in the same way.

For example, if we have an exercise such as 55 + 23 and a student copies it on a piece of paper vertically, they will not be wroking on the same addition strategies as i they were to solve it horizontally.

Of course, there are certain exercises in Smartick that will require intermediate operations, and for those we offer an on-screen grid in which the student can show their work.

Moreover, having to transfer the answer from the paper to the screen will cause the student to need more time to answer the question, and will affect the overall assessment of the session.

The one exception to the rule is in advanced word problems, where the system is more concerned with the response as opposed to the response time.

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