The Smartick syllabus does not follow a specific curriculum, whether it is CAPS from South Africa or the Common Core Standards in the United States

Each school has its curriculum chosen by the Education Authority, which determines the content according to the school year for all students. This curriculum is the same for every student.

Smartick does not take into account the age or year in school when developing a study plan, but rather the mathematical ability and learning pace for each student. It is the child alone who determines in which areas they need further practice and which areas they are capable of tackling. 

These three cases can occur while a child is a Smartick student:

  • They see the same content as that which is being presented in school
  • They see future content, or content which has not yet been taught in school but the child demonstrates that they are ready to be presented.
  • They see past content, or content that they have already learned in school but not yet mastered.

Therefore, the Smartick curriculum cannot directly follow that of a school because it would go against our methodology. More importantly, however, it would leave certain concepts unsolidified.

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