According to experts, 15 minutes is the maximum attention span of children in this age group. 

There are numerous studies in this regard (see Mackworth, N.H., 1948; “The breakdown of vigilance during prolonged visual search”, Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 1, 6-217 and Sternberg, Robert, 2009; Cognitive Psychology. Belmont, CA: Wadworth Cengage Learning. p.142).

15 minutes a day, regularly, at 100% attention and concentration is sufficient to improve math skills. In addition, these short sessions are easier to incorporate into daily routines.

If children want to continue working in a fun and relaxed manner, they can access the Virtual World after the session. There they will find educational games which work on basic cognitive capacities like memory, attention, concentration, and perception. The Virtual World not only serves as positive reinforcement by rewarding their daily effort on their Smartick sessions, it is also an effective and fun form of cognitive training.

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