The differences between Smartick and other methods (Kumon, Aloha, etc.) are substantial, both in methodology and learning effectiveness. 

Typology of exercises

Smartick does not involve predetermined exercises, or booklets with a preset sequence of exercises for all students. Smartick generates the exercises instantly, therefore no two exercises are conceptually alike. The variation in the typology of the exercises is much richer, and continues to be because we expand the variety and depth of the content in each update. 

Logic and word problems

At Smartick, we believe it is essential that each student learns to think and understand why they do what they do. Smartick includes logic and reasoning, beyond the work on basic operations. Current paper methods are almost completely oriented towards mental calculation.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Smartick is designed to fully adapt to the level of each student, and the exercises that it proposes are generated instantly based on a number of variables that we measure constantly. Among these variables are effectiveness, response time, number of repetitions presented/completed and others, so that the next problem is generated in milliseconds depending on the answer of the previous one. The platform does not contain predetermined exercises, but instead relies on its own "intelligence" to find the highest level of competence of each student. 

Learning efficiency

The technology developed by Smartick only allows students to work on areas that they haven’t yet mastered, until they master them. We don’t want students to waste time working on tasks that they have already demonstrated that they have mastered. The technology allows us to identify this, but this option is not provided by paper methods. Instead, all the exercises are compulsory for students of paper methods, and covering old ground results in monotony and demotivation.

Sequenced Study Plan

The Smartick curriculum is sequenced in order to allow students to progress naturally, without explanations from a teacher. It’s practically self-learning. However, we provide video tutorials that accompany each new concept, and videos and guided exercises that appear on the screen when the student is taking too much time to solve an exercise. This assistance is not available for other current methods, especially paper ones.

Automatic correction

Parents do not have to correct exercises at the end of each session, the platform does it. In addition, the platform also instantly corrects students, giving immediate feedback, with all the pedagogical benefits that this entails.

Real-time information for parents

Parents receive instant information on the results of each daily session via email, and can use the Tutor Page to view the student’s activity in absolute detail, including their history and graphs and indicators of their progress. This is also not available in other current methods, whether online or on paper. 

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