Smartick is a unique online method for learning math based on Artificial Intelligence that adapts to each child’s learning style. Smartick has developed an individualized and personalized study plan that continually changes in order to ensure that each child progresses without frustration, reaching their maximum potential. 

Children increase mental agility and calculation skills, strengthen concentration, and improve study habits with Smartick.

It consists of a daily 15-minute session each day, in which the student is presented with exercises in arithmetic, logic, and reasoning, appropriate to their level of knowledge and pace of learning. The difficulty of the exercises adapts in real time as the student demonstrates mastery of the content presented.

Smartick is primarily aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 14 and is a suitable method for every child, independent of their individual characteristics, precisely because it adapts to each particular student. Just as no two students are alike, no two study plans are the same with Smartick.

We want each of our students to work at what we call their "maximum level of competence."

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