Smartick is primarily aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 14 years.

Being a method that totally adapts to the abilities and pace of each student, it will depend on each specific case. The Smartick curriculum includes content from the 2nd year of Primary school, up to the 2nd year of Secondary school.

From Primary...

Smartick is used by many Primary age students, since many parents want their children to develop good reasoning ability and number sense from a young age. Doing this means the learning is very gradual, and the bases of mathematical thinking are set up perfectly.

...up to the 2nd year of Secondary school and further...

We have students that decide to continue using Smartick even after they have finished the 2nd year of Secondary school, because they haven’t been able to consolidate certain concepts during their primary education. Smartick allows them to work from bottom to top and cover any and all areas they haven’t mastered. 

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