Smartick is designed in a sequential and intelligent manner that allows our students to progress and learn new concepts gradually. Every student works on an initial level assessment that permits Smartick to gauge their skills and understanding to ultimately create their personalized study plan. As students work through each session, they are accompanied by interactive tutorials, hints, and tips along the way. Each child works on their own individualized study plan tailored to their needs and skills, regardless of their age or course at school. Thanks to Smartick's cutting-edge AI, we can analyze their sessions in real time allowing the program to adapt to each student's necessity accordingly. 

Each time a student starts a new topic, they are presented with a tutorial explaining the concept they are going to work on in-depth. Both students and parents have complete access to the tutorials in their Virtual World and Parent Pages respectively. 

Smartick families have a Pedagogical Team at their disposal for support. You can always contact us with any curricular questions at


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