• Short (15 minute), constant (daily) efforts at a high degree of concentration.
  • Work in 3 areas: arithmetic, word problems, and logic exercises.
  • Real-time adaptability of content to student performance.
  • Positive reinforcement to avoid frustration.
  • Immediate feedback: after answering an exercise, the platform indicates whether the answer is correct or incorrect. If it’s incorrect, an explanation of the solution is offered.

Smartick was founded by entrepreneurial parents looking for the best method to complement their children’s mathematical education by enabling each child to reach their maximum potential in an efficient and fun manner.

Smartick’s methodology unites the best traditional (classical methodology, Japanese methodology, abacus, Harvard and Chicago studies) and current methods (Singapore method, JUMP, amongst others). This is coupled with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence currently available, and online tools developed jointly by mathematicians, pedagogues, educators, psychologists, and engineers.

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