Students begin to work on a study plan according to their needs, and we keep them within the area of their maximum level of competence. They start working on units in which they have "deficiencies", but those that are simpler. Why? Because we want to improve their confidence and motivation, and above all strengthen basic concepts so that they are prepared to face other more complex ones later.

Smartick progresses at the learning pace of each individual child day by day, so, if they carry out their exercises with commitment and regularity, it will not take long to reach the content that they’re working on at school, and in many cases start working on things that they haven’t seen in school, since we don’t place limits on the student’s learning process.

It’s important to keep in mind that Smartick is not a short term method, but results can be observed in the medium term and go far beyond simple improving mathematics, as it also strengthens concentration, improves confidence and self-esteem, develops a good habit of study, etc.

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