One of the characteristics of Smartick is that it fosters independent learning, so we insist that students perform their sessions completely unaided. 

We recommend that parents keep an eye on their results their children are obtaining, by reading daily emails and accessing the Tutor Page. You can log in with your email address and password, and thoroughly review each session.

We also recommend that you review the sessions that your child finds most challenging with them, in order to understand why it was difficult, and so you can help them find the tutorials and other resources they need to understand the exercises. The tutorials are available both in the student’s Virtual World and the Tutor Page.

It’s essential that any revisions are done after the session, because if the student receives help during the session, the results we collect become skewed. This can cause an increase in the difficulty of the exercises, which will in turn prevent the student from completing sessions unaided.  If your child has been receiving your help and the exercises being proposed are now too difficult, we recommend you contact our Pedagogical Team in order for us to make the necessary changes to allow the student to complete sessions unaided.  

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